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Lara Bury

Children’s Book Author


Lara Bury

Wife, mother of 5, photographer, soccer lover, goal-keeper.
business owner at “Just B You” and “Chicks on the Go”.

Hello Everyone….

I’m Lara. I’m so excited to bring you my stories. The first one being A Walk Like No Other!

I love to write children’s picture books and rhyming is generally my style as Dr Seuss was a huge inspiration for me as a child. Green Eggs and Ham was my favorite and my brother and I used to time ourselves reading it to see who could read it the fastest.
Of course, I always won! Lol.

When I was little, I always wanted to have a book published and to finally have that happen is an amazing feeling! What I love about writing for kids is I can really use my imagination. It doesn’t have to be real in fact the more unreal and different or crazy the better!

I actually have quite a few stories sitting on my computer waiting to be shared with you all.

I look forward to bringing you more stories of rhyme and fun and adventure!

Huge Sale!

My Christmas Book Bundle

Only $30 (plus $10 postage) AUD You get a copy of

A Walk Like No Other - a fun rhyming book with Sapphire, Jimmy, Ryder and Miss Claire.

Aussie Animal Adventures - a fun facts book about Australian animals. Join Flynn and Quentin the quokka as they find out all about some famous and not so famous Aussie animals.

Sapphire’s Colouring in and Activity Book - a book full of colouring ins and some fun activities including a maze, find a words, dot to dot and more with all the characters from A Walk Like No Other.

A Walk Like No Other

I’d love you to meet Sapphire! She loves being outside , running around and seeing what goes on around her but she loses track of time, making her the last one home. Well, in my very first book, it’s Sapphires goal to be the first one home! Will she do it this time or will she get distracted by all the fun and crazy things she sees along the way!

Ever since then I’ve wanted to write my own magically rhyming book and over the years I’ve written many, still sitting on my computer until Sapphire came about and now it’s time to get her off the computer and into print.

A Walk Like No Other is full of colour, rhyme, fun, and crazy things you wouldn’t normally see on a typical walk outside.

I hope you love A Walk Like No Other! As much as I loved bringing her to life for you all to enjoy!

Aussie Animal Adventures

Have you ever heard of a Quokka? How about a Shingleback Lizard?
Do you know what an Australian Giant Millioede looks like?
Do you know how many kilos of eucalyptus leaves a koala eats each day or what the name of a baby echidna is called?

Join Flynn and his mate Quentin the quokka, in a fun facts book all about Australian Animals.

What are you waiting for?
Buy Aussie Animal Adventures and see what fun and interesting things you can find out about some well-known and not-so-well-known Aussie Animals!

Sapphire's Colouring in and Activity Book

It’s been a while but at last they are back!

Join Sapphire, Jimmy, Ryder and Miss Claire in this fun activity book, kids will love. They are back together to keep your child entertained with lots of fabulous colourings ins, mazes, find a word and more.

Another fun activity we have included is how to make your own sparkling sapphire necklace!

How cool is that!

Is that a treasure map Jimmy is holding? Maybe a clue for the next Sapphire book coming soon…Sapphire’s Exciting Adventure!

What will they get up to? What are they looking for? Will they find it? Will they get into trouble or will trouble find them?


What People Say

"Bury has captured the imagination, creativity, and endless internal monologue of a small child through her paced, rhyming story. As the mum of a lively preschooler, I felt the main character was realistic and relatable, and also that she learned something worthwhile through her adventures. Aleksanyan has complimented the text beautifully with vivid, engaging and genuinely adorable illustrations."

Rebecca Carver

Preschool/Toddler Mum and Primary School Teacher.
A walk like no other is a wonderful book to cuddle up on the sofa with and share with your family. From the sweetest characters to the cutest animals this book had our family repeating phrases and laughing together. The artwork is stunning and the whole story gives an exciting feel. The little girl in the story is fantastic, she’s so relatable and has you invested in whether she is going to meet her goal or not. As a family we were desperate to get to the next page to see what would happen and chuckle at the next funny scene.

Jade Karly Staff

She writes.....What a wonderful book filled with gorgeous illustrations and vibrant colours. I love the rhyming of the story making it easy to remember when reading without my Congratulations on this beautiful book  I will be ordering a few copies for all of my Grandbabes to enjoy reading...

Suze Bebbington

An entertaining, engaging book with fantastic illustrations that will grab young readers. I read this to my class of young readers and they were so engaged in Sapphire's adventures on her way home.

Lee Mackenzie


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